Wild Atlantic Weekend – Castlefinn

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This is a live event with limited ticket availability.

Tumble Circus, Cabaret Uno, Frankie Magilligan

Three international circus acts for the price of 1! Spend an afternoon in the company of some of the most extraordinary death-defying aerialists, hilarious comedians and mind-boggling acrobats Ireland has to offer in the Big Top at Castlefinn.

As a show that sets out to save the world in less than an hour and a quarter, Steal As Much As You Can is a big, bold and ambitious show from Ireland’s first and only alternative big top touring circus, Tumble Circus. 

With activist acrobats, campaigning clowns and social justice-seeking jugglers, Tumble Circus’ frenetic energy brings fully sustainable slapstick violence, laughs and thrills for the whole family. This show brings together a radical rabble of maverick circus makers in our iconic Big Top tent to inspire, activate and re-wild circus.

Step into the wonderful world of Cabaret UNO. A one man multi-skilled, multi-character carnival of craziness. An amazing array of acts, incredible images and surprises await you.  Watch in wonder and guffaw as a performer in a cage-like cubic structure, performs feats and follies like a badly trained circus monkey. 

A tour de force of comedy and circus theatre with plenty of sequence! Cabaret UNO is a fast paced yet intimate, life affirming experience. A show like you have never seen before!

The man, the myth…the leg end! Hailing from the North Antrim Coast, Frankie Magilligan has packed his lunch box, filled his flask and given his teeth an extra special polish! Don’t miss out on his mesmerising mix of manipulation and equilibristics, (that’s juggling to you and me), the likes of which you’re not likely to see again…

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