Earagail Arts Festival presents

Seoladh Srutháin / Srutháin Launch

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The video will appear here prior to and following the broadcast.
Earagail Arts Festival presents

Srutháin Launch

We are delighted to bring you a re-imagined condensed festival of srutháin (small streams), featuring nomadic pop up theatre, mini documentaries, online and radio broadcast performances and interactive conversations across our original dates of 9th to 26th July 2020.

Whilst the challenge of the recent times has pushed us all into new and unchartered territory, the Earagail Arts Festival, gratefully supported by our funders are committed to ensuring the survival and sustainability of the arts sector in Ireland, by supporting the artists who were due to present their work this year.

And whilst we will never replace the multi-sensory, real life physicality of in person presentation, all artists within this programme have responded with passion, determination and ingenuity to share their creative output with you. We also wanted, as much as possible, to contextualise the festival in the place that has inspired so much creativity, therefore many of these works are rooted in the landscape and set against the backdrop of one of the greatest stages in the world….County Donegal.

These select events are only part of our commitment to artists in 2020 and we have much more to come, in new international and local commissions, ongoing works behind the scenes and some, yet to be announced surprises, which we will keep you updated on throughout the rest of the year.

What we have all learnt during this period of lockdown and isolation is that artists and arts organisations have been core to keeping us entertained, informed and inspired throughout these exceptional times through virtual, broadcast and online performances and projects.

Our huge thanks to all those artists but also to all the funders, production crews, videographers, sponsors, venues, hotels, volunteers and arts partners in  helping to deliver this programme.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to highlight the hard work and continuous efforts of the National Campaign for The Arts, if you wish to support this initiative in any way you can find out more at www.ncfa.ie

On behalf of all the board and staff of the festival, the artists, partners and stakeholders we want to thank YOU the audience for your support in the past, the present and the future.

If you would like to make a donation or gift to the artists, their selected charity, or the festival itself we have included links to these relevant organisations on each of the events.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and look forward to seeing you all again in person, in the not too distant future.

More Info:

Donate to Earagail Arts Festival Legacy Fund created to support future artistic projects which originate in Donegal.

This new platform will contribute to the commissioning and development of artistic projects that have a Donegal mission at their heart, meaning your donation will create performance and commission opportunities for emerging Donegal musicians and artists, Donegal theatre productions, large scale spectacle works, literary projects or countywide visual arts exhibitions.

None of your donation will be used for administrative costs but will be solely applied to artistic costs and artist remuneration.

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