Earagail Arts Festival presents

The New Curators

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Earagail Arts Festival presents

The New Curators

Earagail Arts Festival has chosen a group of talented young individuals for a new mentorship programme.

Getting a foot on the ladder in any profession is often by a long and sometimes indirect route with a good measure of luck thrown in, whilst learning the ropes of event management can take many years of academic and practical study.

Open to anyone aged 16 to 25 with an interest in music, theatre, dance, literature or the arts in general, The New Curators project has been designed to offer a unique programme giving young aspiring creators and producers the chance to turn their ideas into real life events that the public will get a chance to experience.

Taking into consideration the implications of Covid-19, the successful first round of New Curators will receive mentorship in 2021 from a series of international curators, working with the festival Artistic Director to create new work for 2022.

Thank you to all those who applied and congratulations to Antonia Brady, Ciaran Gallagher, Clodagh McIvor and Aisling Faulkner who form the first cohort of New Curators.

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