Drone Bone Jetty

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Drone Bone Jetty

I am not a hologram, I’m a beating heart.

Puck Tyrrell is waiting for a boat. He hasn’t gone to work today. He has probably lost his job anyway. Puck’s had a run of good luck lately; first the allotment, then the free ticket to Heebie Jeebies and the new job; the newest recruit at the Academy of Holodramatic Arts, where algorithms do all the heavy thinking; those algorithms just can’t get enough in the Unity quest to create “art without artists”; studying the freaks, creating the data.

An exciting new filmic/stage collaboration between Laura Sheeran and Little John Nee, Drone Bone Jetty,  like their last collaboration Radio Rosario, is set in a not too distant dystopian future in the west of Ireland.

Written and performed by: Little John Nee

Director: Laura Sheeran

Creative Producer: Dani Gill

Production Manager: Mike O’Halloran

Costume Design: Ilaria Pellizzaro

Production Partners: Arts Council of Ireland, Siamsa Tire (Tralee), Town Hall Theatre (Galway), An Grianán Theatre (Letterkenny), Donegal Arts Office, Aras Eanna Inis Oirr.

More Info:

There will be a post screening interview and Q&A with the audience with Little John Nee and Laura Sheeran, facilitated by Dani Gill.

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Live Event

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