Ériu Dance Company Youth Branch - Na Mic Ua gCorra

Balor of The Evil Eye

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The video will appear here prior to and following the broadcast.
Ériu Dance Company Youth Branch - Na Mic Ua gCorra

Balor of The Evil Eye

Ériu Dance Company and its Artistic Director Breandán de Gallaí’s contribution to Earagail Arts Festival this year will be an online video presentation.

The presentations will be collage of work created by the company, much of which has been presented in venues around Donegal, from the company’s inception in 2010 until the present day.

It will introduce two new projects which are at the research and development stage, one of which is in partnership with the EAF, and which will be premiered at the festival in either 2021 or 2022, as the Covid-19 crisis dissipates.

The video will introduce Ériu and its artistic output. It will outline the company’s ethos, contextualise the motivation for its creative choices, and discuss the myriad collaborations with artists of other genres, which are at the heart of Ériu’s artistic process.

The evolution of the company will be elucidated by showing/demonstrating, chronologically, the company work. The video-collage will culminate in a brief introduction to the new youth initiative, Na Mic Ua gCorra, and a sample of work-in-progress of their aspirational production, Balor na Súile Nimhe (Balor of the Evil Eye).

The aim of the youth company is to create high quality, innovative and artistically rigorous performance work for the youth of Donegal, in particular those from the Gaeltacht.

The hope is to have the company housed in Amharclann Ghaoth Dobhair, and to present new work at the EAF annually. In the initial stages, Na Mic Ua gCorra will involve dancers, but will eventually include all the arts forms and genres, and harnessing all the talents of the locality, including oral, song, drama, and music.

The company will have the potential to tour sharing the richness of the culture and talent of the county further afield.

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Ériu Dance Company invites you to make a donation to Earagail Arts Festival.

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