Earagail Arts Festival Call-out for Board Members

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Earagail Arts Festival is Donegal’s signature, bi-lingual multi-disciplinary arts festival and is a core and sustainable element of Ireland’s national festival infrastructure. Operating in one of Ireland’s most economically deprived areas across 4000km2 to a dispersed population of 140,000, our mission is to present a bi-lingual arts festival that is artistically ambitious, innovative, socially inclusive, and representative of Donegal’s distinctive and diverse character.

Earagail Arts Festival CLG (EAF) is a publicly funded, registered charity (CHY 16078) providing a public service. Our resources come from a combination of grants, in-kind and financial sponsorship, philanthropic donations and ticket sales. We are committed to accountability, equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusivity in all that we do, and transparent in how we are governed, managed and utilise our resources.

Every year at our AGM, as vacancies arise, we elect Board members who serve for a term of 3 years. The role of a Board member is voluntary position, as a not-for-profit organisation directors do not receive remuneration for their time and commitment to the board.

We welcome expressions of interest from anyone interested in becoming a Board member, and we advertise vacancies, and the skills that we are seeking.

The deadline for expressions of interest is Friday 22nd March and applicants will be responded to by Monday 15th April.

The Process of Selection and Election

The Board of EAF appoints a Nominations Committee which is responsible for publicising, attracting, selecting and recommending nominees.

The process is open, and advertised through local and social media, via direct notification to our wide stakeholder network, and on our website. The skills being sought are specified.

People interested are asked to complete a short form (see below) and, following an initial screening, may be asked to meet with the Nominations Committee. The Board receives the recommendations of the Nominations Committee and proposes those whose names will go forward for election at the AGM.

Joining our Board

Our Board has overall responsibility for our organisation and the Earagail Arts Festival which takes place each year, delivered by a great team of staff and volunteers led by Paul Brown our CEO and Artistic Director. The Board’s job is to drive the strategic direction and ensure proper oversight and standards in everything we do. Broadly speaking the Board is responsible for:

  • Strategic leadership and direction
  • Promoting the organisation and the Festival
  • Financial viability and sustainability
  • Ensuring that our structures, capacity, policies and systems are in place, effective and in compliance.

Our Board members have an interest in the arts and in the importance of community-based arts initiatives, and bring a range of skills, expertise and interest

Direct experience in:

  • the arts
  • tourism/hospitality
  • community arts

Expertise in areas such as

  • Strategy
  • Company, Charity and operational standards and compliance
  • Volunteer Leadership
  • Business/social economy
  • Policy Development
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Fund-raising
  • Marketing

Being a Board Member – What’s Involved

The Board carries the collective responsibility for EAF. It meets (in person or virtually) at least 4 times annually. In addition Board members are requested to participate in one sub-committee as well as working on various governance issues and supporting Festival activity. We estimate over a year that about 8 days are needed to carry out the role well. Board members are requested to

  • work in the best interests of EAF on behalf of the communities and artists we serve
  • attend at 4-6 board meetings and the Annual General Meeting every year
  • serve on at least one committee
  • prepare for meetings of the board (including reading Director’s reports, minutes and other reports) – a time commitment of approximately five hours per month (including board preparation, meeting and committee meeting time)
  • be aware of, and abstain from, any conflict of interest

Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities of Board Members

  • Directors must exercise their powers in good faith and in the interests of the company as a whole. Directors must not abuse their powers. They must exercise their powers in what they honestly believe to be the interests of the company as a whole or the members as a whole rather than in the interests of a particular member or members
  • Directors are obliged to carry out their functions with due care, skill and diligence. A director is liable for any loss resulting from their negligent behaviour
  • In the case of the company being wound up, directors suffer no financial penalty as long as they have acted in good faith
  • Directors may not profit from their directorship of EAF although they are entitled to receive reasonable expenses and can be compensated for facilities and services provided to the company in line with the constitution

Board members commit to serving one term of 3 years. Board membership rotates so that changes are staggered. Board members may serve for a second consecutive term if nominated and elected again.

Induction and training is provided to Board members and the Board as a whole. Previous Board experience is an asset but not essential. We would love to hear from you and appreciate if you would complete the short ‘expression of interest’ form below. The information is the starting point of our selection process, which is carried out by the Nominations Committee of the Board.


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